The Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments is a voluntary association of local governments established by state law serving the member jurisdictions in Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Chickasaw and Grundy counties. As a service and planning organization, it is responsible for coordinating, assisting and facilitating programs in Community and Economic Development that will benefit all governmental bodies in the INRCOG region. Emphasis is placed on intergovernmental communication and cooperation, accessing of funds, and the need for continuing, comprehensive planning.


Cedar Valley Coalition 2/5/16
The Cedar Valley Coalition will be making its annual trip to Washington, DC in February to meet with our U.S. Senators, our First District Congressman, their respective staffs, and other federal officials. The Coalition's Briefing Book outlines the accomplishments and needs of its sponsoring communities and organizations.

RTA 2040 LRTP Adopted 12/17/15
The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for the Iowa Northland Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) was adopted at the December 2015 RTA Policy Board and Technical Committee meeting. The purpose of the LRTP is to document the present state of transportation infrastructure in the region across all modes, and to chart a course for the maintenance and improvement of each mode based on anticipated needs and revenues. More...

The INRCOG Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report is available!
The Iowa League of Cities Announces Dates for The Municipal Leadership Academy 10/6/15
The Iowa League of Cities has announced the dates for the Municipal Leadership Academy (MLA) which is designed to help municipal officials effectively meet the requirements of their office. The program offers a comprehensive overview of Iowa municipal government and is presented by the Iowa League of Cites, the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa, and the Office of State and Local Government Programs at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. For more information click here.

The January - March 2016 COG Connection is available!

Northeastern Exchange Newsletter - February 2016, a listing of materials from the Iowa Waste Exchange Program, is available!