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Cedar Falls, Dunkerton, Elk Run Heights, Evansdale, Gilbertville, Hudson, La Porte City, Raymond, Waterloo

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Board of Supervisors: Linda Laylin
Tom Little
Chris Schwartz
Dan Trelka
Craig White
County Auditor: Grant Veeder
Address: 316 E. 5th St.
Waterloo, Iowa 50703
Phone: (319) 833-3003
Fax: (319) 833-3070
Website: www.blackhawkcounty.iowa.gov  
E-Mail: Board of Supervisors
Board Meeting Day(s): Tuesdays
Board Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m.
Economic Development Contact: Black Hawk Economic Development, Inc.
Steve Brustkern
(319) 235-2960
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